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Rails and React - Dwelling together in harmony

As I opened my terminal to write the initial commands to get the app started, I wasn’t sure what to type. With my prior Rails app it was a simple Rails new ____ to get things up and running. Frontend/backend – that one command was all I needed.

JSON-ifying a Rails App

Up to this point, each portfolio project was built from scratch. First a Ruby GEM that scrapped a recipe site providing a CLI interface for a user to search recipes. Then a Sinatra app that provided a basic homeschool tracker to record subjects for multiple children implementing REST conventions. Then, building on the understanding gained from Sinatra, a Rails app allowing users to track their personal book libraries, including the ability to make multiple notes and comments on each book.

BookTracker Rails App

Lessons learned:

  • planning is half the battle
  • good planning saves time
  • poor planning wastes time
  • be willing to change plans

Take the time to plan

A week into my Rails Portfolio Project and almost back to (alomost) square one…again, the lesson I have learned is:

Sinatra Portfolio Project - Homeschool Organizer

Pick a project that is meaningful to you: those were part of the instructions. What could I create that would actually be useful to me, beyond a learning experience?